Stuck In Motion

by Wax Poetik

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released November 15, 2011

Produced and Mixed by Wax Poetik aka Caleb Zovar and David Blascoe at The Wreckroom Studios - Milwaukee, WI. Mastered by Todd Scott at TSP. Album design by Russ Bednarek at Loudhaus Design aka Dot Ten



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Wax Poetik Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Clever Flow feat. Andale
Clever Flow

We don’t need no record sales
We don’t need no tats and jail
We don’t need no label dough
To come up with the clever flow

We don’t know lady on the side
We don’t need no pimpin ride
We don’t need big ego
To come up with the clever flow

It’s a two a team process / I’m ready to lock this
Call it iron man cause I ready to spark this
Flowin regardless / no need to be cautious
Fire come down like Elijah its hotness
My cup is spilling over / Rockin wit Jehovah
Got a tasteless story / Sugar to my soda
Like Luke needs Yoda / Like Chevy to a Nova
I feel forever young / and I’m still getting older
I don’t spit to impress / it’s not worth the stress
Try to see my King / Its not a a simple game of chess
Don’t need to be a knock off to live and rep the rock off
Try to knock your socks off / a wannabe that’s hogwash
You Don’t need to be VIP / spittin the truth
This mic is starting to melt / its getting hot in the booth
I’m not Ben button / I can’t reverse my youth
Call Jerry Maguire / just show me the fruit

Sanitary / we just keeping it clean
Keep the folks awake without using caffeine
We can still bring hot we don’t need to be obscene
We don’t want to rock the show and just split the scene
Track Name: Systematic
Syncopated rhymes / systematic lines
I rap for a cause / some consider it a crime
Exact with my timing / waited for my findings
Picked up a pen / so I could juggle me some rhyming
Wine and fine dining / that just aint me
Catch me at the triton / with an mpc
Making melodies / that bring knocking to your knees
Drums that will tickle your funny bone some
I’m a rapping trapeze / 16 bars with such ease
No net but I bet you believe in these
I was twisted like a bow-tie / mask like shy-guy
Delivered by the most high / old self bye bye
Image I’m set free / life - open pantry
Never a mystery/ its done / its history
Let me confide / No more Jekyll and Hyde
Not like a sci-fi / real life / bona fide
Legit when you hear this / Statik on da hit list
Sorry if you missed this / but Hip-Hop we fixed it
Poetik on the rhyme scheme / Wax on the crime scene
Hip-Hop is dead, well consider this an IV
Just high five me please help revive me
Ear to the radio – brain poison Ivey
Bring back the music that has something to say
Songs that go forever is a must for today
Hey!!...I thought I told you how I do
If it’s not 100 percent / then its really not you
And if its really not you / then I am here to take stand
Holla back- its you’re your boy-here we go-let it jam
Track Name: Sky Is Grey
Sky Is Grey

Verse 1
Stuck in this place / where the sky is grey
Leaves have fallen / the grass seems withered away
My reflection of the ice / has blinded me
Snow is falling / but ever so slightly

Verse 2
Billboards / they seem to call your name
No color at all / they seem to go for days
Every car / every turn / they all seem the same
Like were driving down the shoot in a pin ball game
I take the exit ramp / it began to rain
Forgot were I was going / forgot were I came
It was my day to shine / but I was stuck in my shame
Like my brain was attached to a ball and chain
Its calm / its quiet / the earth seems chill
My focus / my drive / it just seem still
Track Name: Who Will Cry feat. Joel Baxley
Who Will Cry

Who will cry or weep
Who will lose some sleep?
Who realize its time to make a change for keeps?
Who you leave the 99 to find the one?
Turn to Mathew 18 if you love someone.
Who will love that child / who will watch it grow?
Parents fighting for their lives will never see the glow
That child reaching out / to busy wilin’ out
Were concerned with the stuff / that never really counts
God has a mission / to understand his love
That’s why we make mistakes / and still receive a hug
Who will change a life who will cry today?
Who will hold a child / and wipe the tears away?
Track Name: Crowd Control feat. Heath McNease
Crowd Control

It goes boom bap original rap
I love that triple XL throwback
Dr J must be so proud
But it aint gonna move the crowd
Up jump the boogie to the bang bag boogie
Bang bang in my ecko hoodie
Let me show you how it goes
It’s called crowd control

Dude! Stop pushin! Why you moshin?
The show has started and you already jumpin
What’s the hype / it’s not a fight /
It’s a weird dude standing in the corner smelling ripe
Rocking green stripes / Playing a bagpipe /
I think he was trying to sell someone baby wipes
Anyways / its time to spit this flow
We got haters in the crowd call it crowd control
Clear the distractions / coming with actions
Non-stop laughing like Ice-t Actin
Spit it fast and furious / the songs not serious
Still quoting Murphy delirious
We got booed off the stage / we didn’t get paid
So we went to Perkins and we sipped lemonade
Laughed about the show, called our waitress flow
I peed my pants…not its time to go
Track Name: Take It All feat. Elzie
Take It All

Featuring my inspiration my hero my dad……

This mind is yours
Take it all now
I surrender all my thoughts to you
This heart is yours
Fill it up now
I will use my passion for your will

1st verse
Every time things get just fine
I lose my mind
Back to square one
Every time I feel so blessed
Than I get stressed
And lose my way
But it seems like nothing changes
It seems I can’t control it… no….
Lord I’m here crying – just hear my plea
I’m so sorry for being me

2nd Verse
It’s like I’m stuck in a time warp / my minds short
A non-stop wash cycle / Running at luke-warm
And it won’t stop / doesn’t matter what I do
Trapped in a room / with no key to this tomb
Crazy busy life / no time spent in the upper room
Mind bending spoon / my thoughts consume
Fantasies flushed and forced to ours eyes
No surprise / our thoughts hidden in disguise
No one loves anymore / No compassion anymore
Souls are getting lost / and were losing the war
But through the cross you bore / victory will sore
Take my heart and mind / I’m ready for more
I’m ready for the hurt / I’m ready for the pain
I’m ready for the power / to break every chain
No matter the cost / no matter the gain
We fight through it all / we do it in your His name
Track Name: Road To Righteousness feat. J Doss
Road To Righteousness

And I know that we could do it / called to find a higher road
And I know that we can take it / extra servings alamode
And I know where guilty of it / always find the fastest way
I want it now / I’ll buy it now / I need it yesterday
And I know that we could try it / change the way we use our tongue
And I know that we could do it / watch the way we raise our young
And I know where guilty of it / always find the fastest way
I want it now / I’ll buy it now / I need it yesterday

And I know that we could do it / have to find a better plan
Were all Steve Carrel in the movie anchorman
Global warming, weather swarming, are we really brainstorming, cause if were not, were just performing, were all move, heartwarming
Cause I know that I will beat it / called to lead, called for change
Were on this road together / you’re my brother / one that same
Lets start acting liking / reclaim mind frame
Down a point / a sec left / you shoot / ballgame
Track Name: Rewrite
I get bored hearing the same rapper spit 3 times
So I grab a feature and / rewrite the rhyme
Decided just to flow cause I need just a minute
Working in the lab cooking beats till infinite
While you taking breaks / I mixed up a break beat
It was all in my head than I heard back street (sample)

Now sifting through my mind but its like concrete
Chop / Chop it up making milk into meat
No time to waste / so I never stand still
I am stuck in motion without taking a pill
I rep the most high / not the most high feelin
Use to do that stuff use to get caught stealing
I found it so appealing / my world needed healing
So I folded my hands and practiced the art of kneeling
I don’t trip no more / so I see 20/20
Lens craft on my spirit so the vision is plenty